Company Review

Reachtop Piping Products Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturing company engaging into the R&D, production and sale of pipelines, solutions for pipeline connection. Our products are used widely in fire fighting, water supply, air conditioning, sewage, oil, gas, chemical and mining and other fields. The products of Reachtop have been approved by FM, UL, etc. And the company supports distributors in more than 30 countries around the world, including United State, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Australia, etc.

Reachtop owns an area of 240,000 m2 (about 60 acres), employees of more than 600, a technical team of more than 100 people, and an annual output of 60,000 tons.

Current Situation of Company

Reachtop imported two Danish DISA vertical greensand moulding lines, which is the first class moulding line in the world. It’s totally automatization and can promise the fast moulding speed, large output, precise moulding shape and perfect moulding quality, while less labour strength, higher safety, environmental friendly.

Reachtop also imported four USA INductotherm furnaces and the INductotherm pouring system, The INductotherm furnaces, 4 tons capacity per furnace, will meet needs of the high output of DISA moulding line. The INductotherm pouring system, with high efficiency(500moulds/h), high precision(pouring position and temperature controlling), promise the fast and precise pouring, which greatly promote the casting quality.

The advanced equipment are one of the factors promising reliable craft and stable quality. Mean while, we also looking into the very fine details of the quality controlling during the whole manufacturing process.


To pursuit high-quality, cast competitive products; to create customer value; to protect intellectual property; To build up world-class foundry enterprise focusing on the design, production and sale of fire-fighting system, to serve the global market.


Business Philosophy

Reachtop focuses on technological innovation, which is the soul of success!

Our Mission

We provide High-Reliability, High-Safety and High-Quality Services to the customers!

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